Purchasing Power Plus: Program Offerings

Purchasing Power Plus has been dedicated to the success of our retailers in the healthcare gift shop industry since 1996.    Our goal is to empower each healthcare gift shop retailer and support these independent gift shops flourishing among big box locations.

We partner with industry leading Vendors to ensure our Retail Member’s success in an evolving and dynamic marketplace.  Equal in our commitment to our Vendor Partners, we lend support via programs that ensure connection and engagement with our Retail Members.

To meet the evolving needs of our community, we offer two distinctive plan options. The first is our classic PPP program offering. These services underscore our intention to serve each Vendor Partner with a scope of offerings that lend themselves to the overall goal of reaching, connecting and creating professional relationships with Healthcare Gift Shops & Independent Retail Members.

Our second offering is our Premier Plus program.  The Premier Plus program includes all the benefits of our Classic Program and encourages a deeper level of connectivity with Purchasing Power Plus and our Retail Members.  The Premier Plus program allows you the opportunity to appropriate resources on an annual basis, while ensuring a meaningful approach to investing in our marketplace.

Tier One – Our Classic Program Offering

$1000 Annually

$1800 Two Year Agreement

Our classic services with Vendor Benefits that connect you with our Retail Members.

Retail Member Listing

A full listing of our Retail Member Stores is provided each month and details a contact name, facility, billing and shipping addresses, and phone (emails included by permission).

Online Month in Review

Vendors stay informed about new Retail Members, program offerings, events, and community news through the monthly updates e-mailed directly to you.

Annual Feature in Network News

We collaborate with our Retail Members and Vendor Partners to produce a publication specifically designed for our retail marketplace, including a focus on trends, product features and education.

8 ½ x 11 Flyer Program

Each Vendor Partner is invited to provide flyers for inclusion in our digital mailing. Feature suggested assortments to assist Retail Members with year-round inventory decisions, product placements for marketing, and proposed initial orders to new PPP Retail Members.

Buzz Worthy

We partner with our Vendors to curate a buzz worthy monthly giveaway for our Retail Member Stores. Each month we focus attention on a Vendor Partner; featuring in our newsletter, on our website, email and social media outlets.

Website Vendor Portal

Each Vendor Partner is detailed, along with contact information, preferred terms and a direct link to your website through our exclusive online portal for PPP Retail Members.

Showroom Signage

Attract Retail Member Stores to visit your showroom or booth location.  PPP tent cards and window decals are ideal for highlighting our partnership and available at your request.

Tier Two – Our Premier Plus Program

$1600  One Year Agreement

$2900  Two Year Agreement

The Premier Plus program builds upon all the services offered under our Tier One Classic Program, while encouraging a deeper level of connectivity and a meaningful approach to investing in our marketplace.

Biannual Market Preview Booklets

PPP publishes two Market Preview Booklets annually, as a precursor to the Summer and Winter Market Seasons.  Our booklet provides an opportunity for you to share featured Market Locations, Show Specials, Events and New Product Releases with PPP Retail Members.  Our Market Preview Booklets are emailed to all PPP Retail Member Stores in June and December and hosted on our mobile friendly website.   Tier 2 Vendors will be featured in both Market Preview Booklets.

Smart Retailing Post

Each Tier 2 Vendor Partner will be featured in an online Smart Retailing Post.  This post presents you with an opportunity to share information in a digital format, including new introductions, special promotions, pre-packs, best sellers, etc.  This post will be supported with targeted Social Media campaigns. PPP will select your post date and contact you via email no less than 2 weeks prior to arrange for messaging and images.

Digital Marketing

Our homepage is a dynamic and interactive gateway for Retail Members to access many of the online benefits of their Membership.  Current and potential Retail Member Stores regularly visit to explore Membership information, access the  Vendor Portal, enter buzz worthy giveaways,  read blog posts, renew membership, register to attend events and more.  Tier 2 Vendors will be featured on our home page in two ways annually.  PPP will select month(s) of feature and coordinate with Vendor Partner.

ROTATING PRODUCT AD (Fresh Picks):  The Rotating ad is where Vendors can showcase a single product with key messaging. There are four Rotating Vendor ads per month; linking to the Vendor website.

LOGO:  Logo is featured on Homepage Membership Slider main image. It will be one of six logos (or less) used in the image. The ad will be displayed for a period of one month.

Exclusive Events

PPP Exclusive Events give Vendor Partners the opportunity to show new products to our Retail Member Stores.  Tier 2 Vendor Partners will be given first priority for registration and attendance when space is limited.

Details, including additional cost, will be shared and may vary according to venue and offering. *Note PPP Vendor Partners must be exhibiting at featured Market locations, to be eligible (when applicable).

Please indicate what program will best suit your needs, when considering your Purchasing Power Plus Renewal: