New Solutions for 2021

We are introducing new solutions to meet the ever changing needs of our retail community.  There have been many acquisitions and mergers in recent years and many of our Retailers may not realize the scope of your offerings. We have launched a newer program that will present you with an opportunity to feature individual brands under your company umbrella.

A fine print note:  This offering is applicable only to those brands that are included in your current company minimum order and reorder amounts (as one single order).  It does not apply to companies you may own, manage or distribute that require a separate order to be placed to meet unique minimums.  PPP reserves the right to make the final determination regarding eligibility.


  • Company A owns and operates five Brands (Brand 1, Brand 2, etc.)
  • All brands are included in a single opening and reorder minimum for Company A.
  • Currently only Company A is detailed on the PPP Vendor List, but would like to gain additional exposure for Brands popular with our Retail Member Stores, such as Brand 2 and Brand 5

How it works:

Add a listing by name:  Ensure that every line/collection/brand that is part of your company offerings are detailed on our Vendor Listings (Digital and Print).  We will also share any unique URLs with direct links on our site when applicable.  $250 Annually.  This fee will be pro-rated and then rolled into your annual renewal payment.

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