PPP  is a great program at any time, but especially right now.  Most participating vendors offer an additional 10% off your purchase.  That’s nice under normal circumstances, but during these harder times, it is even more important to save that extra cash! Often times, the vendors will offer a show special, too, and add that discount to your 10% discount you are already getting.  This is so helpful! It can mean an additional 5% discount or extended terms.  I am always looking for new vendors and the monthly newsletter (as well as the vendor list) are always giving me new vendors to explore! I love this! The PPP ZOOM calls this summer have been a great way to connect with other people in my industry and learn what is working for them.  I know these were started during a tough time as an extra way for PPP to help us, but I hope they continue.  Being a PPP member has definitely paid off for us BIG TIME!    

Jessica Krauss

- Volunteer Manager - Perry County Memorial Hospital Expressions at PCMH Gift Shop - Perryville, MO
I have found the PPP community to be very helpful and encouraging during this trying time.  My first experience with PPP was the breakfast I attended at the 2019 January Las Vegas Market.  The networking was invaluable as I met other gift shop managers and listened to their ideas and experiences. Also, after listening to the vendors presentations, I bought from several that have been great additions to our shop.  As I have attended the morning coffee, read the network news, emailed questions, listened to presentations, and used some of the tools provided by PPP, I can honestly say it has made me better prepared and able to deal with our current situation.  Thank you for the amazing insights, up to date information, and professional details. Your organization has been a great resource for me and I look forward to utilizing it in the future.  Thank you!    

Stephanie Byrom

- Gift Shop Manager - San Juan Regional Medical Center Auxiliary Gift Market - Farmington, NM
We have been members of PPP for a few years now. Last year, I was very happy to have saved $9,000 using the PPP program. But I thought to myself, how high can my savings go? Can I possibly double them in the next year? I am very pleased to announce that...I will have saved over $18,000! I exceeded my goal! PPP is an invaluable program. Saving on purchases I would have made anyway? Yes please!

Eric Wininger

- Gift Shop Manager - Reading Hospital Gift Shops - Reading, PA
We have been a PPP member for several years at Sisters Crossing Gift Shop in Rochester, MN. We always knew our savings exceeded our cost of membership, but I was really pleased in 2014 to find that we saved $4,600 on our orders for the year by being a PPP member.

Ardis Denn

- Finance Associate - Mayo Clinic Hospital - Rochester, MN
Purchasing Power Plus is such an advantage to Hospital Gift Shops. I don’t think it matters what size your shop is; the discounts and vendors that are offered are all good. With the tight financial constraints we face now, these discounts provide us with more product while allowing a better profit margin. I especially like the PPP sessions offered at the Atlanta and Dallas Market. It’s a time for networking with buyers that know and understand your situation because it mirrors theirs, unlike the normal retail buyers. It also provides you with additional discounts from the vendors that help to host these events. The amount of money that we save using PPP vendors more than pays for itself during our first quarter—usually at our first market. I would highly recommend all Hospital Gift Shops make the investment in Purchasing Power Plus—it is an investment in your shop’s future financial success.

Ginger Taylor

- Gift Shop Manager & Volunteer Services Admin - Cox Health Systems Auxiliary Gift Shop - Springfield, MO
I am a huge supporter of the PPP program and am impressed with the growing number of vendors now offered. I have even convinced a vendor to join PPP, assuring them it would be worth their while and they are very grateful for the business they have gained by becoming a Vendor Partner. I have five shops and do well over $1 million in volume. I always prefer to support our PPP Vendors whenever possible and appreciate the increase margins I receive from these vendors. I also always look forward to the monthly packet and promotions as well the seasonal PULSE magazine. I’m very excited about seeing what’s to come this year!!!

Patty Tager

- Retail Services Manager - El Camino Hospital - Mountain View, CA
I can always count on the Purchasing Power Plus team to provide me with information I need. If they don't have the answer, they will reach out to the PPP Retail Member Stores for input. Such a valued networking source. Plus, I always feel "special" when I get a PPP discount!

Jamie Laughlin

- Director of Volunteer Services - White County Medical Center - Searcy, AK
I have been managing a hospital gift shop for four years now, I find the PPP publication to be very effective in keeping us up to date on new trends. I have also compared the cost of membership to the money we save by being members and believe me - we come out ahead. I often pick up helpful advice and ideas.

Lana Wessel

- Gift Shop Manager - Memorial Hospital The 800 Gift Shop - Jasper, IN
Membership to PPP has provided many discounts to our gift shops from companies that we would be purchasing from anyway. By being a member of PPP we are often first to hear of new product or specials that a Vendor might have. The newsletter is a great way to see what is “trending” in gift shops. The membership fee pays for itself many times from the discounts we receive. Thank you!

Vesta Smith

- Gift Shop Manager - Legacy Emanuel Medical Center - Portland, OR
I just recently returned from market in Atlanta, and got to see firsthand the benefits of my PPP membership. The majority of the showrooms I visited had special pricing, discounted freight, and promos available to me...all because our shop is part of the PPP program! I’m able to translate those special benefits into dollars saved, which goes a long way with my employer! The best thing is that the benefits of membership aren’t limited to big market trips, but can be of great use in my day-to-day purchases, networking, and continued efforts to bring in new ideas and fresh products.

Kristine Farr

- Gift Shop Manager - East Alabama Medical Center The Giving Tree - Opelika, AL
Our hospital gift shop started with Purchasing Power Plus in January 2014. The membership fee seemed high and quite frankly we were skeptical about that expense vs. savings. Now that we went through an entire year as a member, I have calculated that we saved well over $4000.00 for the year with our discounts, and that’s after the expense of the membership fee! (What was I thinking!!!!) The added benefit of membership is checking the list of participating companies which helped us find many new companies/products that may have never been discovered otherwise. Also, the monthly newsletter is helpful by featuring new ideas and products. The membership to Purchasing Power Plus is worth every penny!! I can’t imagine why there was ever a hesitation to sign up!

Nora Jackson

- Buyer - Mercy Me Gift Shop - St. Peter's Hospital - Albany, NY
There are several possible opportunities to praise Purchasing Power Plus, but the return on the investment is by far the best! We are a small Hospital Gift Shop with bigger than life dreams, and we have found that PPP is part of our success. I look at the discounts in helping us pay for shipping cost. That way we can be very competitive with the larger stores in our community. When we receive the Monthly Newsletter we immediately start looking for new and different items that we may not have tried. And the market incentives are a great way to save just a little cash on our travel expenses.

Pam Koster

- Gift Shop Manager - CGH Medical Center Auxiliary Gift Shop - Sterling, IL
We have been a member of Purchasing Power Plus, from the beginning. I can’t even tell you how many years it has been. We have always been pleased with the program. I stopped tracking my savings, because I know we more than make our fee back. I did decide to see what we saved this year. We saved $3,651. I have also found great vendors that I normally would not know about....The best part is the 10% discount that most vendors give. If you purchase from Ganz, Giftcraft, DM Merchandising or any of the big companies, you will definitely get your fee back. It helps cover the cost of shipping in most cases. If you are not already a member, give it a try. You really have nothing to lose and I am sure you will be pleased with the savings!

Sherry Miller

- Gift Shop Coordinator - SEORMC Gift Shop - Cambridge, OH